One Common Mistake that BIG4 Interview Candidates Make & How To Avoid It


Hi Aadesh,

Thank you for all your big4 interview prep material, I have found them to be exceptionally helpful in my preparation. Last year I had an interview with Ernst & Young and thought my high grades would see me through….

didn’t happen.

I was frustrated going through the interview process and made a ridiculous amount of mistakes.

At the time, I didn’t think that I made ANY mistakes but after going through the Accounting Interview Domination Prep-Material, I realized why I was rejected and you can bet that I will not be making the same mistakes twice.

However, I am just so worried that I will fail again and won’t get an offer. I really don’t want to go through what I went last year, I was so frustrated that after my rejection letter I was depressed for months.


Jonathan went on to ask an unrelated question and talk about his frustration. This is what I will address in my reply below. – Aadesh.





My Reply,

Hi Jonathan,

In your email you stated some fundamental negative statements that I want to explore further and hopefully it will provide you with greater insight.


Preparing for your E&Y interview last year was frustrating, going through the interview process was frustrating and receiving the rejection letter was frustrating.

This year you have been given a gift to interview with a BIG4 firm again, a gift – because not many get the opportunity to interview even once, let alone twice.

Yet, you are frustrated.

Frustration is not going to make the interview process easier, it will not help you prepare for the biggest interview of your life and it most certainly won’t help you get the job.

So here is some tough love, stop whining about being frustrated and start preparing for your interview.

“It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail.” – Lech Walesa

Above is a quote by Lech Walesa that I really like, you cannot build anything on frustration. This includes practicing for your BIG4 interview.

When I was preparing for my interview, I made sure to build it on a strong foundation. I diligently outlined why the BIG4 firm would want to hire me, what I brought to the table, and then I combed through my resume and developed stories that highlighted the following attributes:

  1. Leadership
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Team Work
  4. Passion for Accounting
  5. + MORE

I go more detail in the Accounting Interview Domination book, but you get the idea. Start preparing with a plan, follow the plan, and do your best.

Was I nervous – yes

Was I worried – yes

Was I frustrated – yes

Was I scared – hell yes

However, those were minuscule fears because I knew I couldn’t do anything about them. Instead, I focused on moving confidently ahead and preparing the best I could without letting my fears or frustration dictate how successful I would be.

In contrast,

A very close of friend of mine after much struggle received an interview with KPMG, however he has a “worried personality” as in he worries about everything.

Side note: Just a side note here, isn’t it interesting that we all know at least one person who is a chronic worrier, and they are always full of drama lol. Just wanted to point that out. Reply in the comments if you agree with this J.

He worried that he won’t get an interview

When he got the interview

He worried he won’t get the job etc

Excessive worrying leads to frustration, which leads to inadequate preparation which leads to broken hearts, many tears and a polite rejection letter.

He didn’t get the job.

Interestingly, when he received the rejection letter he said he wasn’t surprised.

I asked why?

He said “I was worried and frustrated throughout my entire interview and it showed”.

I see you going down the same road, and it sucks because I want to see you successful.

I want you to get this offer and what’s more – I have looked at your resume and transcript and I know that you are more than deserving.

Rock that interview,


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Comments (2)

  • Desy


    Hi Aadesh,

    I noticed that you and many of those who have had success with your help are based in the USA and I wondering whether the prep book also relates to the Big Four firms in the UK interview process as I am a graduate hoping to apply to one of the big four in the UK & Ireland.




    • Aadesh Yardgur

      Aadesh Yardgur


      Hi Desy,

      Based on my experience, the BIG4 firms follow a standardized recruiting process – regardless of where they are located.

      However, there is one exception and that is some South Asian countries incorporate some cultural practices. However, the material offered in the prep-book is still relevant, regardless of location.

      Now, I receive many success stories but I don’t add all of them on the site as some of them do not provide any additional value then what is already represented here.

      That being said, I receive many success stories from the UK. Here is one:



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