Offers from PWC, KPMG, and Grant Thornton – UK

Success Story:

I know you must receive a lot of feedback mail, but I would like to thank you anyway. Your help was essential for understanding how accounting interviews really work, the real deal, not some examples edited in a book where magic solutions are found with no supporting data.

Both your frameworks and the prep-book are excellent ways of getting an insider’s view of the dynamics of an accounting interview.

What really rang true to me was how much pressure hiring managers at BIG4 firms are to hire the right people. They not only want someone smart, but also someone who has the personality and *STAR* quality to place in front of clients.

This well rounded nature in a candidate is a tough balance to achieve and thus the rigorous interview process. I don’t know about other countries but this is definitely true in the UK. My performance two years ago, before starting to use the material you provide, was horrible, not passed through a single first round, not even at boutique firms.

I had only prepared with surfing for tips online, but the number of vague advice and lack of good examples did not help me a lot, as with a lot of my fellow F1Ys.

Now, my interviewers at both PWC and KPMG said I had a “rock star” interview performance. And I got offers from 3 firms out of 4.

What I found interesting was that your material helped succeed at not only my interviews with PWC and KPMG but also Grant Thornton.

I was only able to do it because I practiced and worked hard, almost entirely with your material.

Thank you so very much.

My Reply:

AWESOME. You rock (as only a rock star would)!

You are correct, achieving the right balance of finding a candidate who is smart enough to do the job + can put in long hours without complaining + is well rounded enough to make the firm look in front of clients is a challenge that accounting firm interviewers face every day.

This is true not only in the UK, where you are from but in every accounting interview room where there is a candidate and a hiring manager.

Keep my updated on your progress and thank you for taking the time to share the great news. Aadesh

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