How to be Successful in Anything

From a very early age, my parents have talked to me about the importance of being successful.

“Do your homework or you won’t be successful”

“You see your cousin, he just got his PHD and will be a very successful doctor – you should work just as hard”

The constant nagging, comparing, and guilt tripping did lead me to work harder and has allowed me to achieve success as an accountant.

However, I strongly believe that grit and not IQ is the result of my success. You see, like Angela Lee Duckworth said “the kids who demonstrated grit achieved far greater than those who simply demonstrated a higher IQ.”

This video reminded me of all the late nights, and weekends I gave up to focus on achieving my goal of getting into the BIG4 and obtaining my accounting designation. There were some nights where I wanted to give up but I knew that pushing through it and demonstrating grit is the only way that I will achieve success.

I urge you to do the same.

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