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Success Story:

I would like to share my positive experience of an interview with PWC, thanks to your website!

After graduating with my undergrad (completed the accounting courses as well) several months ago, I immediately started to search for a job. After several networking sessions, recruitment seminars and online applications I received my first interview with E&Y.

For my first interview I went without really preparing and totally blew it up (actually I believed that you cannot prepare for such things, you’re either smart enough or not).

The interviewer asked several specific questions and although I started off fine by the end – I was so nervous and overwhelmed by the complexity of the questions that I started to panic and didn’t manage to prepare myself properly. Of course I did not pass the interview and failed to get an offer.

Several days after that I received an invitation for an interview with PWC (my dream company actually). So I decided to prepare for my interview this time.

I searched on i-net for some examples and tips and accidentally landed at your website. I read all the articles, watched the video (10 Characteristics BIG4 interviewers are looking for) and found them amazing! The way you explained the approaches and strategies was so simple and genuine at the same time!

Next I read through your materials and practiced with a couple of examples, within the Accounting Interview Domination Prep-Book.

At my next interview, I felt really calm and concentrated because I knew exactly what to do. Thanks to your advice, I had a structure in my head and knew how to analyse the interview questions and how to develop solid answers. I simply followed your recommendations and the steps.

I managed it so well that I even had some minutes to rethink my answers and prepare mentally for the questions. It’s amazing how your advice actually works! The next week, I received a confirmation that I successfully passed the interview and received a job offer from PWC.

Dear Aadesh & Robert, I would like to thank you so much for your work and your great advice! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and providing all these valuable materials!

I also found the newsletters really helpful and inspiring! You are so right saying that overcoming the BIG4 interview is all about being prepared!!!

I have already forwarded your website to several of my friends who are going through the interview process at the moment.

Thank you once again for the great work you are doing! I believe that without accidentally finding your website I would not have passed my BIG4 interview!

My reply

Congrats on the offer! 

Rock on,


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